Utility Billing software – uVision®

AVR’s Utility Billing softwareuVision® is flexible, scalable, reliable, easily configurable, and intuitive. Our navigation bar allows you to quickly move through accounts and multiple districts so that you can assist your customers immediately. Third party interface capabilities such as AMR, IVR, GIS, Report Writers, Meter Read Devices and Financial Systems are available.

uVision® – our core system is designed with an integrated suite of modules that can be acquired as needed. We have modules including Credit Card, Ach, Online Billing, and Mobile Phone InstaPay™, along with a multitude of payment options for your customers’ convenience. Additional modules such as Rate Analysis, Balanced Billing, and Meter Inventory are just a few that enhance your billing capabilities.

Mobile technologies are integrated into our software for field operations and payment options. Our Mobile Meter Reading Application and Work Order/Client Billing systems are also tightly integrated into the Utility Billing software.

A few of our core system features are:

  • Multi-Utility Capabilities
  • Multi-District Access
  • System Reports and Report Writer
  • Unlimited Payment History
  • Activity Log Audit
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Multi-Owner Tracking
  • Installment Tracking
  • Multi-Level Security Control
  • Service Orders
  • Security Deposits
  • Debt Collection
  • Document Analysis