AVR’s Mobile Meter Reading ApplicationuRead®

AVR’s uRead® Mobile Meter Reading Application with ReliaSync™ brings the latest in mobile technology to the utility billing industry. Using inexpensive, off-the-shelf hardware, such as smartphones and tablets, uRead® customers have an enterprise-class mobile meter reading solution to equip their fleet while keeping meter-reading costs to a minimum, even over unreliable Internet connections.

Extraordinary features such as:

  • Voice Command
  • Image Capture
  • Wireless device load/unload and data transfer
  • Uploading route information onto the device while in the field—save enormous amounts of time and revenue.

ReliaSync TxTM:

Meter reads are transmitted reliably back to the billing office over the network directly from the field, even if the connection is temporarily down.

ReliaSync RxTM:

Updated route data are received rapidly in the field over the network from the billing office, even if the connection is temporarily down.

Dynamic Routing:

Field representatives get assistance to find improved, direct routes to their destinations while saving drive time and gasoline in the process. Includes voice commands and audio directions.

Change route the way you read meters, fast and efficient.

New Meter Entry:

Field representatives will have the ability to add a new meter that is not currently in the route. The new meter entry will then be placed in the route according to the sequence it was entered.

Search Functionality:

Allows users to search by service address, account number, customer name, serial number route and sequence.

Exception Management:

Data validation (high, low and reverse reads) at the time of entry.

Audio/Visual Indicators:

Audio and colored visual indicators signify when a read is good, high/low or reverse.


Document broken meter or other conditions in the field and transmit them instantly to the billing office via ReliaSyncTM.

Voice Meter Readings:

Meters can be read by activating the voice-to-text function, which can be extremely helpful in adverse weather conditions.