Innovative Firsts in Utility Billing

For over 60 years AVR has maintained the philosophy that innovation in the information technology industry would always be the driving force to stay ahead of the game. We’ve continuously invested time and resources in research and development. Our team of research and technology strategists continuously investigate new technologies and provide our developers with new ideas that keep us in the forefront with new innovations. Some products have not been seen in the industry before, and some have been, but we’ve added an innovative twist to them.

A few of our latest innovations are:

AVR’s uRead® Mobile Meter Reading Application with ReliaSync™ brings the latest in mobile technology to the utility billing industry. Using inexpensive, off-the-shelf hardware, such as smartphones and tablets, uRead® customers have an enterprise-class mobile meter reading solution to equip their fleet while keeping meter-reading costs to a minimum, even over unreliable Internet connections.

uReceivables™ – Gain faster access to your funds and simplify online bill pay from consumers who utilize their financial institution to debit their checking accounts and submit a paper check to your office on their behalf. AVR works with several payment processors, such as Checkfree, Chase, and Wells Fargo, to intercept these paper checks and consolidates all of them into a single electronic posting file. This payment information is sent to an AVR provider which credits the municipality account at their financial institution. An automated file is uploaded to your accounts receivable database, eliminating manual data entry. With multiple levels of access, security, reporting tools and transaction search capabilities, you will be amazed at how much time and effort is saved. Take advantage of this seamless, secure and cost-effective solution, and you’ll reduce your administrative time and expense.

The InstaPay™ solution brings world-class mobile payment processing right to your customers’ smartphones. Using state-of-the-art mobile presentment techniques and technologies, InstaPay™ enables your customers to pay their bills in less than 30 seconds, beginning with a simple scan of a QR code printed right on their bill. Electronic (paperless) customers also receive an InstaPay™ link in their electronic bill notification messages. Scanning the bill using any modern smartphone gives a mobile payment screen carefully designed to complete the electronic payment in less than 30 seconds. As we like to say, “Get it done before the stoplight turns green!”

What’s more, every customer can choose to activate AutoPay with ONE SINGLE TOUCH while using InstaPay™. From that point on, there’s no need even to invoice the customer ever again—future bills will be automatically charged to the credit card on file! Customers who choose one-touch instant AutoPay activation become faithful payers with zero administrative overhead and no statement delivery costs.

A few of our ordinary products with extraordinary spins are:

uScan™ / Lockbox Payment Processing – Skip the financial institutions and reduce banking fees. Outsource your remittance processing to the AVR Lockbox service. Using the latest technology and leveraging advances in Check21, we offer a complete check-imaging solution. Consumers mail their remittances directly to our secure lockbox processing facility. Payments are extracted, then our software reads the OCR scan line and creates a posting file to electronically update the accounts receivable database immediately. An image cash letter (x9.37 file) is then delivered to the financial institution of your choice with same-day funds availability.

uManage® – Work Order Management & Client Invoice

AVR’s uManage® Work Order Workforce Management System and Client Billing System is designed to work seamlessly with our uVision utility billing solution. It allows the user to create, manage and close work orders that are related to utility billing accounts for tracking purposes. It also has its own location database for any service location that does not have a billing service connection. Office and field personnel can create a work order directly from a billing customers’ record or from a defined service location. uManage® offers state-of-the-art browsing that allows filtering, sorting, grouping, multiple selections for updating in mass, reporting, managing and accessing of all work orders in the database.

Online Bill Payment – AVR understands the need for security and tight integration when it comes to paying bills on-line. Because we understand, we have developed a back-end processor that eliminates the many issues of having to work through a third party on-line service provider that limits security and compatibility with your utility billing system.

AVR is PCI compliant, which is required to make on-line credit card use the most secure possible. High-end transactional encryption is a part of the PCI requirement.

The value of using AVR’s online bill pay feature goes far beyond what most utility offices take into consideration.  Not only is our on-line system an avenue for making a multitude of payments in a variety of different ways, each customer of the district, whether they ever use the payment option or not, has access to view their  or payment history, their usage and even print out copies of their bills, freeing your staff of many of the  lengthy phone calls that interrupt their daily tasks. In addition, our 24/7 bill view and payment history, is convenient for those customer who are not able to call your office during the work day. Other benefits besides making payments include the ability for any of your customers to view their bill, usage, penalty dates, current balance, billing history, sign up for paperless billing, and receive e-notices. These offerings are enormously helpful to alleviate many of the time-consuming phone calls and requests that come for one-on-one interaction with your customers.

By offering on-line bill pay, many of the tasks that take much time and energy are eliminated, allowing your staff to be more productive.

uTiligent, our mass notification system, provided by our Alliance Partner Tech Radium, is used for intelligent communication which protects your community, reduces liability, and saves time and revenue for your office. Mailing out drought notices, making calls and intercepting calls is time consuming and expensive and too often not timely enough for effective communication. uTiligent is customizable and communicates simultaneously with multiple communication devices. This intuitive system allows for communities in geographically targeted locations to be notified of droughts , boil water notices, dangerous weather, and allows your community to stay attune to the issues you believe they should know about, without the expense of mailing or thousands of manually activated outbound calls.

Red Flag Rules, Identity Theft Prevention – At AVR we understand that the mandated Red Flag Rules , are crucial for utilities to stay in compliance with. In order for our clients to have the ability to stay alerted to potential identity theft and stay in compliance with the Red Flag Rules mandates, we’ve developed a module that assists you in identifying identity theft, documenting the incident and producing the required reporting that is mandated by the FTC. Our encryption and redaction features, are designed to help to control access to otherwise vulnerable and sensitive information such as copies of social security cards, driver’s license and other scanned documents.