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Data Processing & Bill Posting – Managed Backoffice Administration, Services That Lighten Your Work Load.

The AVR Managed Backoffice Administration is here to help you manage your business effectively by systematically organizing your data and information from diverse sources, allowing you and your staff/teams to spend more time serving your customers. With the wide range of services, we have helped companies streamline their back office and manage work more efficiently. We convert, enter, manage, evaluate and process the data based on the individual municipality rate ordinance or per your requirement. You can rely on our extensive industry knowledge and flexible services that are cost-effective and productive.

We have an efficient and experienced team working with a vast understanding of the various tasks involved for the billing cycle. All our representatives are friendly and knowledgeable. AVR will methodically maintain all the records and data for you, conducting processes for better client and customer relationships, bringing you maximum value.

We provide you with total transparency of data. If required, we inter-connect your data so that it is easily available to your staff immediately, making interacting with customers more convenient.

Bill Printing and Mailing Services – Statement Processing

Municipalities, independent districts and water wastewater operators struggle when it comes to deciding whether to outsource the printing and mailing of utility bills.

Most often, it becomes clear that while doing their own in-house billing may be feasible and even save some revenue, when considering the complete picture, often it’s not the best choice. Operational costs for printing, sorting and stuffing envelopes usually require much more time, expense and resources than initial estimates. Specialized printers, sorting machines and stuffing machines typically require a monthly rental and support fees. They require on-going maintenance and training to handle the issues that arise with these machines. In addition, the ink, forms and envelopes, storing supplies, and cost of postage are all issues to take into consideration.

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uReceivables™ – Gain faster access to your funds and simplify online bill pay from consumers who utilize their financial institution to debit their checking accounts and submit a paper check to your office on their behalf. AVR works with several payment processors, such as Checkfree, Chase, and Wells Fargo, to intercept these paper checks and consolidates all of them into a single electronic posting file. This payment information is sent to an AVR provider which credits the municipality account at their financial institution. An automated file is uploaded to your accounts receivable database, eliminating manual data entry. With multiple levels of access, security, reporting tools and transaction search capabilities, you will be amazed at how much time and effort is saved. Take advantage of this seamless, secure and cost-effective solution, and you’ll reduce your administrative time and expense.

uScan™ / Lockbox Payment Processing – Skip the financial institutions and reduce banking fees. Outsource your remittance processing to the AVR Lockbox service. Using the latest technology and leveraging advances in Check21, we offer a complete check-imaging solution. Consumers mail their remittances directly to our secure lockbox processing facility. Payments are extracted, then our software reads the OCR scan line and creates a posting file to electronically update the accounts receivable database immediately. An image cash letter (x9.37 file) is then delivered to the financial institution of your choice with same-day funds availability.

Online Bill Payment – AVR understands the need for security and tight integration when it comes to paying bills online. Because we understand, we have developed a back-end processor that eliminates the many issues of having to work through a third party online service provider that limits security and compatibility with your utility billing system.

The value of using AVR’s online bill pay feature goes far beyond what most utility offices take into consideration.  Not only is our on-line system an avenue for making a multitude of payments in a variety of different ways, each customer of the district, whether they ever use the payment option or not, has access to view their or payment history, their usage and even print out copies of their bills, freeing your staff of many of the  lengthy phone calls that interrupt their daily tasks. In addition, our 24/7 bill view and payment history, is convenient for those customer who are not able to call your office during the work day.

AVR is PCI compliant, which is required to make online credit card use the most secure possible. High-end transactional encryption is a part of the PCI requirement.

IT Services – Today it takes more than an internet connection, a word processor, and an e-mail program to stay up with today’s administrative demands. To leverage the best technology available to make your office as efficient as possible you often need multiple vendors. Too often it’s confusing to keep up with, and you can never really be too confident when it comes to security. We provide our clients with a full array of IT services to give you the latest in technology and the highest security possible. Our IT technicians are trained industry professional that understand technology and how it works not only with the AVR Suite of Software products, but with your other software applications that are needed for your business days to be productive. Contact AVR today for a list of our IT services.

Disaster Recovery Assistance – AVR has designed a disaster recovery plan that will keep your processes moving and securely stored in the event of a disaster. We’ve had offices in the Gulf Coast Region for over 60 years and understand how quickly your office could be non-operational due to a disaster. We’ve structured several levels of disaster recovery plans, ranging from restoring data we’ve stored off site for you, to full scale utility billing office operations here with our Data Processing and Bill Printing department services.

Off Site Data Storage – Because you need security regarding Red Flag Rules, Credit Card processing and weather disaster recovery issues, we utilize off site data storage in various parts of the country that are least likely to be affected by a weather disaster. All client back-ups, including historical data, are being stored at a secure off site facility. Client back-ups enable AVR to have remote access to assist you with data restoration, modifications and corrections. All data from districts are held in an Off Site secure vault electronically, and encrypted, protecting historical history.

Paperless Billing – The Paperless Billing module allows your customer’s to eliminate the time and expense of traveling to the office to make a payment, and the hassles associated with paper bills. No more searching for stamps, or wondering if their payment arrived or not. Our reporting mechanisms allow your office know if your customer received the bill, opened the bill, deleted the bill, or if the bill was rejected due to internet problems or e-mail issues. Think of the time you’ll save in your own office when your customer’s decide to use paperless billing. It’s great for all parties involved and more and more people across the Country are using paperless billing, because “Go Green” is good for our planet. Many companies are investing in “Green Technologies.

Custom Programing – While AVR strives to develop the most cutting edge technology products every year, we understand that some infrastructures, just need to design their software and systems a little more specific to their business. Because we understand, we utilize the Progress 4GL, Open Edge Relational Data Base and programming language, in order to bring you the customization you desire . Our developers meet to discuss the requirements of your request and when at all possible try to accommodate your custom needs. Our clients meet with us during focus groups and offer each other idea exchange and often benefit from mutual customization .

Programming Integration and Interfaces
Our offers a wide range of interfaces, reports, and third party service provider integrations such:

  • Custom Reports
  • GIS Interface
  • IVR Interface
  • Financial Applications
  • AMR and Hand Held Meter Device Interfaces

Red Flag Rules Consulting – The Red Flags Rules Mandate took us all by surprise when we realized that in the US today billions of dollars are spent trying to recover from identity theft. Eighteen percent of all identity theft happens in the utility industry. Our team of consultants are highly trained, in order to train you and your staff on how to protect your facility, customer data and computer software systems through various types of security. Nothing is 100% in the computer industry when it comes to security, however, AVR’s team of consultants can assist you in evaluating your vulnerabilities.

Areas Covered are:

  • Facility
  • Physical Address
  • Office Personal

Examples of some of the areas of concern:

  • Flow of documentation managed in the office.
  • Vulnerabilities within your physical address such as with: file cabinets, computer systems, and paper storage.
  • How physical media is used and destroyed.
  • Procedures office personal use to identify thieves.
  • Procedures are in place for visiting guest.
  • Fraud detection policies.
  • Personal information protection procedures.
  • Evaluating internet usage policy.
  • Incident response policy.