An Introduction from Ron Emberg

Ron Emberg CEOThe Future.  We’re very excited about it and we have been for quite some time – and by we, I mean both our staff and our clients.  It’s been a great dance of participation, prosperity and partnership – we listen to our client’s needs and we innovate the products to fulfill them.

This last year has been a banner one for us – from opening the doors our new facility, to launching ground breaking products like uReceivablesTM , uScanTM , uManage® and uRead® – the first Mobile Meter Reading App for the Utility Billing industry.  Everyone at AVR is here to serve your needs with a proud tradition of history, service, and excitement, because we know the dance will go on, into the decades to come, and the future will be as bright as ever – for you, our valued clients.

We look forward to hearing from you, to discuss the many possibilities of fulfilling your needs.

Ron Emberg, CEO


Ron Emberg and his thoughts on the meaning of Tradition and Family

To us, here at AVR, tradition means it’s an ongoing process, passed down from one generation to the other, based on a foundation of time-honored, proven truths: hard work, analysis, innovation, involvement, collaboration, training, and a constant eye to the future on how everything can be improved for future applications and developments in our industry – all for the benefit to our clients.  What do I mean by generations?… two things actually:  1. Technology changes, giving birth to new generations of technology every 7 years… and also:  2. People at our organization have grown old with us and we have generations of family members working with us since 1964.  It wasn’t necessarily planned that way, it just happened, because we all kept our eye on the ball: to work together and constantly keep our commitment to optimizing Utility Billing Technology in every way possible.  You may say our Team has the wisdom, strength and vision of the young, and the old, which works – because we’ve been here since 1964 and we’re marching into the future with the state-of-the-art technology, innovation and the mental resolve which makes it all happen.

Ron Emberg, CEO


Ron Emberg is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AVR Utility Billing. 
A native of Minnesota, Ron started the company in the early ‘60s shortly after attending the University of Houston. He is an expert on data and records management, active in many professional organizations and has been published in a number of business and technology publications relating to utility billing.  Susan Emberg, his wife, is the Vice President.