AVR + Diehl Metering Partner to Lower Costs, Conserve Water and Increase Accuracy

Diehl’s Ultrasound Water Metering for Residential and Commercial Measurement

AVR, working with Diehl, provides ultrasonic metering that enables your utility company to:

  • Increase revenue generation
  • Deliver valuable insights about customers’ water consumption

The drawbacks of mechanical water meters are clear: The higher the mineral content in the water, the sooner the meters slow down; Unable to detect reverse flow; Measures air, Does not detect a dry meter; May need to be replaced as soon as five years due to wear. That’s why AVR has partnered with Diehl to provide cost-effective HYDRUS Ultrasonic water metering solutions.

Taking residential and commercial water metering into the future. AVR, is the only provider that serves water utilities with a complete suite of billing and back office management software solutions and services.  For over 50 years, AVR has surpassed the expectations of municipal utility districts and operators across the globe with industry-specific, state-of-the-art and affordable technology that manages the entire end-user billing cycle.

AVR has tapped the power and innovation of Diehl Metering, a world’s leading supplier of intelligent metering solutions, to introduce ultrasonic metering. Diehl’s cutting-edge technology provides revolutionary ultrasonic flow measurement that guarantees pinpoint accuracy over the lifetime of your meter, ensures low meter lifetime costs and maintenance-free meters, identifies and reduces water losses in near real time and helps customers conserve water and lower their bills.

Smart Metering through Ultrasonic Signals

Now–for the first time and thanks to Diehl’s visionary technology—AVR’s water utility clients can experience the ultimate in Smart Metering. Ultrasonic flow measurement sends a sound signal in each direction through the water flow.  The time difference between the two signals is used to calculate the flow with scientific accuracy, and an advanced, specially designed electronic circuit controls all measurements, references, readings, calculations and data communication.  AVR’s Diehl Ultrasonic Smart Meter is resistant to wear and water impurities.


Global Leaders in Ultrasonic Metering

Diehl is a world leading producer of energy meters and system solutions for consumption measurement, enabling AVR to deliver electronic ultrasonic meter features that include:

  • Waterproof and suitable for pit installation
  • Built-in encoder for Sensus protocol output
  • Large and clear display
  • Total consumption in gallons, ft3, m3
  • Alarm codes (Leak, Burst, Air in Meter, Reverse, Tamper)
  • Eco-friendly and No-Lead Brass Construction (CUPHIN)
  • Can be mounted horizontally, vertically and diagonally
  • Max operating temperature 158 F

Long life. High performance.

  • Precise accuracy and resistance to wear and tear
  • Low start-flow measuring capability to earn revenue from every drop of water delivered
  • 100% potted for condensation-free display
  • IP68 approved for submersible conditions and pit installations
  • 20 year battery life

 The Future of Water Metering Begins Today

Electronic ultrasonic water metering is not a vision for the future.  It is very much a reality today thanks to AVR and our partnership with Diehl Metering.  Now for the first time, AVR can offer you the advantages of ultrasonic metering for all your residential and commercial consumers.

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Let AVR help you migrate to Ultrasonic Water Metering and usher your utility company into the future of reduced operating costs and proven performance.

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