Dedicated Teams

AVR understands how essential it is to have dedicated employees.  They are by far a company’s greatest asset.  Our Dedicated Teams go the extra mile for our customers and strive to produce the best products and services available.  We take pride in the fact that a large number of our employees have worked with AVR for over twenty five years and some even forty and fifty years. We have generations of families that have worked at AVR for decades. Whether are not, a dedicated team member has been with us for decades, part of some of the family generations that have worked with us, or is a new employee, they all have one thing in common, devotion, dedication, and have made commitment to be their best they can be, and that has been the main stay for AVR being in business for over sixty years.

Software Developers – Our team of software developers have over 100 years combined experience in the utility billing industry. We have been developing software with the Progress 4GL, Open Edge, and RDMS for over 20 years. The development team at AVR works closely with our product and industry research teams, consultants, and client focus groups to offer cutting- edge products that are unparalleled in our business. Our on-demand approach to custom enhancements, have accommodated our clients for decades, and we bring new products to you every year. Bottom line, we stay ahead of the game.

The Conversion Specialists at AVR have a unique migration methodology that converts your master data, allowing the integrity of your data to stay in check. In order to ensure the data migration will be executed correctly, we perform an internal parallel using the jurisdiction’s specific rates, as well as matching usage and dollars.

We will design a project scope unique to your environment and diligently resolve any issues that may arise so you can go about your daily business with minimal interruptions.

For decades AVR has converted complex software systems, both custom and off-the-shelf, to the AVR platform successfully bringing them the best and latest technologies.

  • Data Specialist Team Appointed
  • Project Scope Outlined Using Migration Requirements
  • Data Assessment Performed
  • Mapping Requirements Scheduled
  • Data Converted
  • Implementation Team Appointed
  • Implementation Process Scoped

Software Quality Assurance involves testing computer software design, implementation and ensuring that it meets a minimum standard of quality. The overall concept of software quality assurance requires it to start at the software planning phase. Quality management at the design stage involves studying the ramifications of the project’s specifications and goals, as well as the organization’s plans for achieving those goals.

At the core of the quality assurance process is testing, which is the method by which every step of the development cycle is analyzed to find defects, such as malfunctions or security problems. A number of important steps are involved in the actual testing stage of the software quality assurance process. Unit testing assesses the integrity of various sections of software code as well as fault injections, which are designed to investigate how the programs respond to erroneous data. Additional steps include load testing, or stress testing, which sees how a program functions under heavy usage, and intrusion or security testing to test a program’s resistance to unauthorized access. A software project is also typically subjected to usability testing to verify that the resulting program is easy for others to use.

Quality Assurance designs and executes the test plans that will assist an organization in improving the quality of their software. A typical test plan will include a comprehensive list of programs and sub-programs, or procedures, that must be tested and the techniques involved in testing. Test plans are typically designed before the project’s actual software code is developed.

Quality Assurance also applies to the software implementation phase, the time when the software is close to completion and is installed on computer systems for evaluation. This phase is often referred to as alpha testing, and it occurs when the nearly finished product is installed and tested by the developer staff. When the software is presented to potential customers outside the company, it is called beta testing. If defects appear after the software is released and a patch needs to be developed, regression testing ensures that the updates do not create new errors.

Technical Software Support – At AVR, our support team is excellence driven and dedicated to servicing your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our support team members have technology back grounds and are rigorously trained on all products and services. We consider ourselves an extension of your business and we and learn about your day-to-day operations to assist you when you need immediate attention

Our best practice techniques along with closely working with your staff, supports your staff in managing their responsibilities as efficiently as possible. Our online service request system is available to you so you can track and check the status of your service request as well as contact us, if you choose to speak with someone:

  • AVR’s Online Support Ticket System allows you Access 24/7 to check the status of your tickets
  • Live Support calls are available Monday through Friday 8:00 to 5:00
  • Ticket Request can be escalated allowing you access to help immediately
  • All request are monitored and supervised by a AVR Support Manager

Implementation – AVR’s team of highly qualified implementation specialist are required to have worked in specific departments over the years to have a better understanding of what it takes to integrate our software solutions and services into your daily operations. We take a phase-by-phase approach allowing you to maintain your daily business and move into the new system, systematically and strategically. It is our belief that every customer has its own unique infrastructure and, rather than forcing a “cookie-cutter” approach to software implementation”; we evaluate your business processes and make recommendations for you to best utilize the AVR billing system.

Training – The AVR training team understands the stress of learning a new system. Before training is scheduled, our trainers align themselves with our implementation teams, and software developers, to identify unique aspects of your office infrastructure and whether or not any customizations may have been developed. We then structure the training class accordingly. We also have the belief that each individual staff member at your office has a different learning style and learn at difference paces. Our trainers evaluate each member separately to bring you the custom training classes you need:

  • Traditional Hands On Classroom Instruction at AVR Training Center
  • On-Site Hands On Instruction
  • Remote Hands on Instruction
  • Best Practice Webinar Training and Tutorials