Modules to uVision® – our premier Utility Billing Software

AVR has designed a Suite of Modules that are tightly integrated into our utility billing software that enable you to optimize efficiency and streamline your daily processes. We’ve incorporated new technologies such as mobile device communications and Java messaging services to continuously improve our product line.

AVR Modules – click on Module of choice

uReceivables™ – Gain faster access to your funds and simplify online bill pay from consumers who utilize their financial institution to debit their checking accounts and submit a paper check to your office on their behalf. AVR works with several payment processors, such as Checkfree, Chase, and Wells Fargo, to intercept these paper checks and consolidates all of them into a single electronic posting file. This payment information is sent to an AVR provider which credits the municipality account at their financial institution. An automated file is uploaded to your accounts receivable database, eliminating manual data entry. With multiple levels of access, security, reporting tools and transaction search capabilities, you will be amazed at how much time and effort is saved. Take advantage of this seamless, secure and cost-effective solution, and you’ll reduce your administrative time and expense.

uScan™ / Lockbox Payment Processing – Skip the financial institutions and reduce banking fees. Outsource your remittance processing to the AVR Lockbox service. Using the latest technology and leveraging advances in Check21, we offer a complete check-imaging solution. Consumers mail their remittances directly to our secure lockbox processing facility. Payments are extracted, then our software reads the OCR scan line and creates a posting file to electronically update the accounts receivable database immediately. An image cash letter (x9.37 file) is then delivered to the financial institution of your choice with same-day funds availability.

Online Bill Payment – AVR understands the need for security and tight integration when it comes to paying bills online. Because we understand, we have developed a back-end processor that eliminates the many issues of having to work through a third party on-line service provider that limits security and compatibility with your utility billing system.

AVR is PCI compliant, which is required to make on-line credit card use the most secure possible. High-end transactional encryption is a part of the PCI requirement.

The value of using AVR’s online bill pay feature goes far beyond what most utility offices take into consideration.  Not only is our on-line system an avenue for making a multitude of payments in a variety of different ways, each customer of the district, whether they ever use the payment option or not, has access to view their  or payment history, their usage and even print out copies of their bills, freeing your staff of many of the  lengthy phone calls that interrupt their daily tasks. In addition, our 24/7 bill view and payment history, is convenient for those customer who are not able to call your office during the work day. Other benefits besides making payments include the ability for any of your customers to view their bill, usage, penalty dates, current balance, billing history, sign up for paperless billing, and receive e-notices. These offerings are enormously helpful to alleviate many of the time-consuming phone calls and requests that come for one-on-one interaction with your customers.

By offering online bill pay, many of the tasks that take much time and energy are eliminated, allowing your staff to be more productive. Please view more about our online features on our Bill Payment Options Page.

The uInstaPay™ solution brings world-class mobile payment processing right to your customers’ smartphones. Using state-of-the-art mobile presentment techniques and technologies, uInstaPay™ enables your customers to pay their bills in less than 30 seconds, beginning with a simple scan of a QR code printed right on their bill. Electronic (paperless) customers also receive an uInstaPay™ link in their electronic bill notification messages. Scanning the bill using any modern smartphone gives a mobile payment screen carefully designed to complete the electronic payment in less than 30 seconds. As we like to say, “Get it done before the stoplight turns green!”

What’s more, every customer can choose to activate AutoPay with ONE SINGLE TOUCH while using uInstaPay™. From that point on, there’s no need even to invoice the customer ever again—future bills will be automatically charged to the credit card on file! Customers who choose one-touch instant AutoPay activation become faithful payers with zero administrative overhead and no statement delivery costs.

The Credit Card Processing module provides customers with the convenience of calling your office to make payment on their utility account without having to come into the office. They also have the option to set up their utility account to have their monthly balance charges to their credit/debit card. Transactions are authorized and stored in a delayed batch file. All transactions can be edited before posting. Listings can be created containing all detail of transactions.

The ACH Bank Draft module allows the user to give their customers the option to set up their utility account to have their monthly balance automatically drafted from their checking or savings account. This adds convenience for the customer who can avoid writing a check, mailing the payment, and worrying about paying on time. The user may edit transactions before posting, as well as generate a listing outlining the details of all transactions

The Cash Collections module allows the user to collect all types of receivables from a central location, utilizing a cash drawer and receipt printer. The user may collect and print receipts for utility bills, property tax collections, court fines and other miscellaneous receivables. The system will allow the manager to define each user’s rights to access any function in the system. It also contains: a detailed audit trail, drawer reconciliation, multiple searches, user defined pop-up windows, detailed reporting, tighter controls, and a personalized receipt header.

The Paperless Billing module allows your customer’s to eliminate the time and expense of traveling to the office to make a payment, and the hassles associated with paper bills. No more searching for stamps, or wondering if their payment arrived or not. Our reporting mechanisms allow your office know if your customer received the bill, opened the bill, deleted the bill, or if the bill was rejected due to internet problems or e-mail issues. Think of the time you’ll save in your own office when your customer’s decide to use paperless billing. It’s great for all parties involved and more and more people across the Country are using paperless billing, because “Go Green” is good for our planet. Many companies are investing in “Green Technologies.

The Delinquent Letter module allows the user to select accounts using specific criteria and sort order and view and edit selected accounts before the letter is created. Users can create templates with the ability to specify font, dates, account information (account number, name, mailing/service address, current balance, past due amount). Users may also create listings containing each account selected and additional details and create and print letter(s). This provides convenience to the users who no longer have to handwrite letters, look up account information, or address cut-offs and delinquencies.

The Door Hanger module allows the user to select accounts using specified criteria and sort order, view, and edit selected accounts before door hanger(s) are created. Also, the user may create templates that may be edited at any time and contain the desired message, imported cut-off date and account information. The user can create a specified Door Hanger Fee (if applicable), create listings containing each account selected and additional details, and create and print notice(s). The door hanger may then be distributed to selected accounts. This provides convenience to the user in the way of no longer handwriting notices, looking up account information, hand posting the door hanger fee, or dealing with cut-offs and delinquencies.

The Meter Inventory module is designed to track the municipalities’ meters from the date of purchase to the day they are condemned or disposed of. The system will list all condemned meters, track all maintenance and repairs done to meters, and record every service address each meter has been at. Users will also be able to record purchase date, price, vendor and size of meter.

The Balanced Billing module allows you to maintain a fixed monthly payment option and avoid the variation in the monthly bill amount tied to change in usage. The balanced amount is established by averaging past usage to estimate projected usage. Each month the system will reflect actual usage verses balanced amount, but the customer pays only the balanced amount. The user can then choose to re-calculate the balanced amount, should the difference between actual vs. billed variances exceed a certain percentage level during the contract term. The system has several selection criteria and reports defined by the user, which are used to assess if accounts are meeting entities’ qualifications.

The Rate Analysis module allows the user to easily and accurately evaluate the effects of utility billing rates. The results of a rate change can be calculated by applying the proposed billing rates to past usage information stored in the Utility Billing System permitting new rates to be tested while having no effect on actual billing information. This system eliminates manual calculations, produces an Accounts Receivable Recap and Statistical Consumption Report, and can run multiple scenarios using multiple rates, creating a fast response to “What If” requests from boards and/or councils.

Report Writers – AVR has made available to you, over 300 system reports designed and based on our industry knowledge. Because we understand the uniqueness of each individual client, we’ve made available two reporting software systems tightly integrated into the AVR’s Utility Billing Software, uVision® in order to provide your staff with the capabilities to design and retrieve the reports needed for your business.